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Collaborating with our friends: Pepita

In 2021 Wigrow had the opportunity to collaborate with Pepita, a vibrant company with great ambitions and values. At the time Pepita was located in Camden, where they served tasty Columbian coffee, sold exclusive records to music lovers and held countless exhibitions in their art gallery with UKs leading artists, such as Alexandra Gallageher and Dan Kitchener. Pepita opened up their doors to Wigrow for our first ever fundraiser and it was not only successful but also a blast! We turned Pepita’s back garden into a day party full of games, dancing, networking and pure fun. What a way to kick off the fundraising journey you say? Oh yeah! It was a great turn out with a super generous and lively crowd all with the same two things in common, helping the world be a better place, and having fun while doing it. The raffle was a highlight for everyone. With over 150 tickets sold, Pepita's back garden was buzzing with a ground of excited guests. The prize draw brought on a whole other level of energy and was a wonderful way to end the day. With people going home feeling happy and full, Wigrow left Pepita feeling grateful, hopeful, and an incredible amount of donations raised. A huge thank you to Pepita and to all the great people who joined us on this journey!