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Good Shepherd School in Masaka, Uganda


Nestled in the rural heartland of Masaka, Uganda, Good Shepherd School (GSS) is more than just a place of learning—it's a beacon of hope for countless children in the community. Over the years, we've joined hands with GSS, working collaboratively to identify opportunities where sustainable technologies and practices can enhance the quality of education for the school's young learners.

John Ssentamu a primary school teacher with 20 years’ experience in the field – is our current point of contact in Uganda. John’s expertise comes from his roles as the Founding Head Teacher of the Good Shepherd Primary School and the Founding Chair of the Rural Teachers’ Association. Outside the classroom, John is the Founding Director of Busubi Empowered Communities (Lwengo District), in addition to being the Spokesperson of Kids Uganda Chapter and also the Founding President of the Uganda Quidditch Association.

“My life mission is to be of use to others in any way that I can, so that together, we can impact lives.” - John Ssentamu

Land project: cultivating knowledge and sustainability

One challenge GSS faced was the difficulty of retaining teachers due to low wages, and ensuring that students had access to the nutrition needed for effective learning. To address these interconnected issues, we embarked on a unique initiative: securing land for the school. Why land, you may ask? Because it allowed us to address multiple challenges simultaneously. The land serves as a practical classroom where children learn about agriculture and sustainable farming practices, instilling in them a passion for crop cultivation. Any surplus crops are sold, and the proceeds contribute to teachers' salaries, thereby enhancing teacher retention and the overall educational experience.

Harnessing solar power for a brighter future

Good Shepherd School allocates around 100,000 UGX per month to cover electricity expenses, equivalent to approximately £21. Not an exorbitant amount at first glance, however, for a rural school heavily dependent on parents' regular contributions through school fees, this poses a challenge. Financial resources are diverted from crucial areas, such as teachers' salaries and the general optimization of the learning environment. The purposeful reallocation of funds made possible through Rays for Education, would ensure higher quality sustainable education.
In our commitment to sustainable solutions, we've partnered with Bakulu Power to establish a solar power grid at GSS. This initiative not only aligns with our mission of sustainability but also diverts financial resources towards maintaining school infrastructure and ensuring that our dedicated teachers are compensated fairly.

Bakulu specialise in analysing, designing and installing customised energy systems in Uganda.A blueprint of the customised energy system for Wigrow has already been drafted (readily available upon request), based on Good Shepherd’s current electricity use. A solar rooftop grid will be implemented to supply the necessary electricity, of which any surplus will be channeled back to the main power grid, where it will be readily available for the wider local community.